Energy Burden

Energy Drain: Low Income Households Typically Pay a Higher Percentage for Utilities

Fragility of income and a high energy burden have as much to do with quality of housing stock as they do with ability to pay bills. In rural and core urban areas, lower income people tend to occupy older homes that have structural deficits and more equipment or system breakdowns and are unable...Read more

Energy Burdens in Philadelphia

This artifact is apart of the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy's 2020 report on residential energy burdens in 25 metro areas. According to ACEE, "a high energy burden is considered to be above 6%, and a severe energy burden above 10%". 

A quarter of low-income households...Read more

Home Energy Affordability for Low-Income Customers in Pennsylvania

This report is published as a collective work product of BCS and the Law Bureau from the Consumer Services Information System (CSIS) Project at Penn State University. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission initiated the study on May 5, 2017, at Docket No. M-2017-2587711. The goal of the...Read more

6 Maps That Show How Bad Energy Poverty Is and Reveal 2 Ways to Make it Better

Things that attracted me to this article is the use of the term 'energy burden' and the fact that the maps were created by DOE. I also liked how the author talked about the differences between progressive and regressive policies. I learned some new terms too: split incentive and green lease. Read more

As Philadelphia works to tackle climate change, a question emerges: Is PGW on board?

With attempts to electrify grids in a sustainable way, many oil and gas furnaces will inevitably be shut down by 2025. The foregoing is a threat for energy supplies for utilities such as PGW, among utilities that opposed updated and thorough building code implementation. The call to transition...Read more

Connecticut's moratorium on utility shutoffs ended. Here's where you can still get help.

The article talks about the Connecticut utility moratoria ending this past September 15, which places many households at risk of having their services shut-off. However, Carenza from Thames Valley Council for Community Action (TVCCA) said they've seen a significant increase in applications for...Read more

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