Air Pollution

COVID-19 Blog - Urban Systems Lab

This document contains blurbs from each and every article created by the blog's authors. The Urban Systems Lab has worked constantly to highlight the intersections of social vulnerabilities with COVID-19. Each article discusses a different vulnerability as highlighted by the pandemic's continued...Read more

Home as Refuge, Fewer Reusables, Less Privacy: The Consumer Trends Emerging From Coronavirus Lockdowns

This article posted on the Wall Street Journal takes a timely look at global consumer trends since the start of Coronavirus Lockdown. The information summarized discusses emerging trends such as activism, pride, and mobility that are heavily influencing how consumers are shopping as...Read more

After three decades, most polluted U.S. neighborhoods haven't changed

This article reflects on the disparate levels of air pollution faced by specific communities, usually low-income communities and communities where people of color reside. More specifically, the article also addresses the ways in which disparate exposure also changes the risk of developing...Read more

Benzene emissions at shuttered South Philly refinery exceeded federal limits last year, report finds

The Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery in South Philadelphia last year emitted average airborne benzene levels at triple a federal threshold, even though the site had been closed since 2019 due to an explosion and fire,...Read more

Nixon signed this key environmental law. Trump plans to change it to speed up pipelines, highway projects and more.

This article narrates how BIPOC and poor communities may face the threat of even more pollution and health risks as Trump plans to roll back on environmental laws. The foregoing is justified by the fact these new jobs would provide jobs. Several problems arise in this scenario: a) communities...Read more

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