PECE Glossary


Artifacts: The primary way to contribute data to the PECE archive is by creating an artifact. Artifacts represent materials that an ethnographer determines to be data relevant to the site; this can include documents, images, audio, videos, websites, field notes, interviews, news articles, journal articles, films, etc.


Artifact bundle: An artifact bundle is an artifact of multiple artifacts. 


Analytic: An analytic is a question designed to bring out various viewpoints about the artifact. Questions can be categorized into Structured Analytics (named sets of questions).


Annotation: Annotating an artifact involves responding to a set of shared and evolving questions (structured analytics) that are designed to bring out various viewpoints about the artifact. 


Fieldsite: A fieldsite is a reference to a certain geographic location where research will be conducted. You can link artifacts to field sites to document where the artifact was found.


Group: Groups are workspaces where multiple individuals can contribute content, share a field diary, write collaboratively, and publish essays.


Memo: A memo is a first draft of a piece of writing that may be published on the site. Upon publishing a memo, that memo is opened for comments from the platform’s community.


Photo Essay: a collection of image artifacts, ordered into a slideshow, with text added for context.


PECE Essay: a collection of artifacts, memos, and essays, organized into a collage, with text added for context


Project: A project on PECE describes a research project that the PECE platform is being used to enrich. You can use this content type to describe when a project starts and ends, its institutional affiliation, and its funding source. 


Timeline Essay: A timeline essay curates artifacts into a timeline, allowing users to visualize content temporally.


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June 14, 2021 - 4:59pm

Critical Commentary

This artifact contains a glossary of terms used throughout, and used throughout other instances of the PECE platform. This glossary was created by the PECE design group and published on the PECE documentation page, however this artifact contains minor edits to the original glossary in order to make the language more accessible for a variety of PECE users. 


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PECE Design Team, "PECE Glossary ", contributed by Morgan Sarao and Alison Kenner, The Energy Rights Project, Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, last modified 14 June 2021, accessed 21 June 2024.