vulnerable populations

Packham - Helping the Vulnerable COVID19 - 2020

The piece here talks about social solidarity in times of crisis, like the one experienced during a pandemic, and lists ways in which people can help each other through the pandemic.Read more

Jessel et al. - Energy, Poverty, and Health - 2019

This literature review serves to provide an in-depth look at energy insecurity as it relates to health, in both their acute and chronic states. The artifact is particularly useful in its ability to track and make connections between the fast-changing nature of the environment, as affected by...Read more

Energy access takes center stage in fighting COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and powering recovery in Africa

Seeing countries with the most robust economies struggling to keep it together in a global pandemic like COVID-19, I wondered how Africa would cope if the virus seeped into the continent. This article chronicles what plight the continent is in, and fortunately what is being done to curb the...Read more

Walsh - Fuel Allowance Extensions - 2020

Energy vulnerable people are one of the populations worst hit by the current COVID-19 pandemic. In response, Ireland has extended fuel allowances to fuel poor people to support isolation comfort.Read more

Branigin - Black Communities Frontline COVID19 - 2020

This article comments on the nature of segregation in our cities and how it plays out during the COVID-19 pandemic. The news article cares to note how policies have made it possible for Black and minority communities to be situated in neighborhoods that increase the likelihood of chronic disease...Read more

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