Critical Risks in Renewable Energy

This article brings up the possible downsides of alternative energy sources. Energy vulnerability within the new systems and how this may prevent the future competitiveness of the strategy. 

It begins by describing the continous growth of wind and solar energy. The first...Read more

Eversource was on a victory lap. Then came Isaias

With Isaias reaping havoc in the Northeast, many would have expected utilities to better respond to the storm that caused thousands of households to be left without power. While Eversource representatives said their response was prompt and relative to the emergency level that had been declared,...Read more

Gillard et al. - Energy Justice - 2017

The interdisciplinary dialogue that is presented in this source serves to lay foundational understandings of fuel poverty and the phenomenon's complexity and its effects on housing stock and energy efficiency, particularly for low income and disabled people.Read more

Poverty Simulator - NEUAC

This pdf is part of a packet sent over by NEUAC following the June 8 and 9 conference of this year, 2021. Through this 'poverty simulator' conference attendees are asked to place themselves in a situation with limited budgeting, having to choose between accessing diverse services and where to...Read more

Lockwood - Fuel Poverty during COVID19 - 2020

The article talks about the fuel poverty situation in the United Kingdom and the realities faced by vulnerable people during the COVID-19 epidemic. It should also be considered in terms of its relevance to utility bills for all types of homes and the spike in energy use that will manifest during...Read more

A deadly hot summer is coming. Philly doesn’t yet have a plan.

This article discusses the projected heat vulnerabilities in Philadelphia. It features Drexel University professor Yvonne Michael's as well as Clean Air Council's Russ Zerbo. The article also talks about the health risks, lack of cooling centers, and efforts in Hunting Park. Read more

At least 1 dead, 4 children injured as Tropical Storm Isaias brings high winds, flooding to Pa

This article talks about the serious repercussions felt by Pennsylvania communities as Tropical storm Isaias hit the Northeast. Damages do include partially tore apart roofs, cars, and people who were killed by the storm. The greatest impact so far has been from the resulting power outages. We...Read more

NYS Senate & Assembly to hold joint legislative hearing on utilities' 'failure' during recent storm

This article talks about the repercussions felt in New York as tropical storm Isaias hit the Northeast region. Discussions of payments made to and investments made by utilities question the nature of the improvements made as told by energy providers. Utilities also defend their strategies by...Read more

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