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Taliban grabs mineral riches coveted by energy developers

As the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan in August 2021, they took control of a vast trove of metals and minerals vital to clean energy development. Afghanistan sits atop rare earths and other strategic metals that U.S. experts valued at more than $1 trillion and are expected to grow more...Read more

Why This Billionaire Is Worried About Green Investing

With intentions to place a corporate minimum tax of 15% on the 200 biggest fossil fuel companies, but the issue is they are heavily starting to invest in green energy. Why is this an issue? Because the supply chain issues in energy distribution from these already billionaire companies will...Read more

Supply chain issues may cause energy prices to soar

In unsurprising COVID-related issues with supply chains could significantly impact energy prices this coming winter. Because of the back-up in services and delivery, it is advisable to start checking heating systems soon to get ahead of the demand. Regardless, however, heat users will experience...Read more

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