Senate Moves New Bill to Keep Pa. out of RGGI without General Assembly’s OK

This article is about a bill attempting to prevent Pennsylvania from joining RGGI without the house's vote.Read more

Public Comment Overwhelmingly Supports RGGI Proposal

This talks about the public comments made at virtual public hearings and how they overhwelmingly suported joining RGGIRead more

Poll: Pennsylvania Voters Support Participation in Climate Pact

This article is about a poll showing the majority of Pennsylvanians support joining RGGIRead more

Program Design Archive

This is about how RGGI is designed.Read more

RGGI will reduce carbon emissions and bring millions to Pennsylvania. This shouldn’t be a fight. | Editorial

This article was shared by Governor Wolf and is advoacting for Pennsylvania joining RGGI. It is part of my RGGI PECE essay.Read more

Pa. governor pushes back RGGI proposal deadline to September

This is a piece that is part of my RGGI PECE essay. In it, the author discusses governor Wolf delaying the deadline for a proposal to join RGGI from June to SeptemberRead more

Groups urge bigger targets, more equity as RGGI states consider changes

This article describes the current review of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, which participating states undertake every few years. The current review will take place throughout 2022, with new rules set in the fall. The article highlights calls from environmental advocates to set more...Read more

Pennsylvania House Committee Moves RGGI Bill Closer to Full Vote

This article was written in response to Pennsylvania's house and senate attempting to pass legislation that would only allow the state to join RGGI with their approval. RGGI is a cap and trade program with 11 New England and Mid-Atlantic States...Read more

Proposal to join regional cap-and-trade program draws 13,000 comments

This article simply gives an update on the PA proposal to join the regional cap and trade program, also known as RGGI. The Department of Environmental Protection received more than 13,000 comments. The Wolf administration hopes to join RGGI in 2022. PA is the only state in the region that has...Read more

In Contentious Vote, Pennsylvania Takes Formal Step towards Joining Regional Cap and Trade Market

This is about a vote made that will move Pennsylvania from joining RGGIRead more

Wolf vetoes bill that would keep Pennsylvania out of RGGI

This article discusses Governor Wolf vetoing a bill that would prevent Pennsylvania from joining RGGIRead more

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