Residential energy demand

COVID-19 is changing residential electricity demand

It is really interesting to see that as our daily life patterns are changing with COVID-19, our energy profiles are shifting too and this article will help you understand more about this. Overall, due to the lockdown, energy demands have decreased in commercial buildings and increased in the...Read more

China’s Electricity Demand Dropped Almost 8% After COVID-19 Measures

Another interestng article that shows an analysis where the electricity usgae dropped by 7.8% during the months of January and February. From this read, it can be understood how power consumption has been affected across residential areas, textile industries, as well as commericial and service...Read more

Energy Consumption

"Energy consumption is indirectly shaped by policies that are not specifically concerned with energy or carbon emissions as such, but that have profound consequences for both" (Riniken et al.,...Read more

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