Philadelphia Water Rate Case

Philadelphia Water Department Proposal Settlement Term Sheet

This artifact is the settlement agreement that PWD and Public Advocate reached, which is awaiting review by the Philadelphia Water Rate Board, which is the independent review board which sets PWD's rates. Along with lowering the proposed rate increase (to 10.2% for residential customers), the...Read more

PWD Exhibit 1 - Notification of Rate Filing

This artifact is the advance notification of rate filing to the Philadelphia Water, Sewer and StormWater Rate Board and the advance notification of rate filing to the Philadelphia City Council by the Water Commissioner in Philadelphia. These notifications are letters to the stakeholders...Read more

Settlement Proposed in 2021 [PWD] Rate Change Request

The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) filed a request for a rate change in January 2021 seeking additional revenue to meet expenses in Fiscal Years 2022 and 2023. In early May 2021, PWD and the Public Advocate reached a potential settlement, which...Read more

Philadelphia water bills will go up Wednesday. Here’s why, and how it could have been worse.

On September 1st, 2021, Philadelphians will begin to receive water bills that reflect a 3.6% rate increase, as Philadelphia's 2021 water rate case has been approved by the PUC. Over two years, the rate will increase by 10.3% for residential customers. The water rate increase in Philadelphia is...Read more

Formal Notice of Proposed Changes in Water, Sewer and Stormwater Rates and Related Charges (FY 2022 and FY 2023)

This artifact is the Formal Notice of Proposed Changes in Water, Sewer and Stormwater Rates and Related Charges for FY 2022 and FY 2023, which was received by the Philadelphia Department of Records on February 16th, 2021. Read more

March Staff Picks - Morgan Sarao

The artifacts that I chose throughout March discuss policy relating to crisis and crisis recovery on the federal level and in Philadelphia. The artifacts regarding federal policy were chosen after sifting through articles that resulted from google searches using the key words “LIHEAP” “...Read more


This artifact contains the response to public advocate's advanced interrogatories and requests for production of documents for question 10 of the initial request.Read more

PWD Exhibit 3A: FY2022 Proposed Rates and Charges

The following artifact details how the approved water rate change would impact various consumers, types of properties, and the forms of charges associated with water billing in Philadelphia for FY2022. It also details PWD billing and qualifications for "charity rates and charges". Read more


This artifact is a 'fact sheet' for the Philadelphia Water Rate Case for 2021, which was filed on January 15th 2021. It includes a table that shows the proposed monthly bill of consumers if the rate increase gets approved, and also provides rationale for the rate increase. Read more

Direct Testimony of Melissa La Buda on behalf of The Philadelphia Water Department

The following artifact is the testimony of Melissa La Buda, the Deputy Commissoner of Finance for the Philadelphia Water Department, regarding the Philadelphia 2021 Water Rate case. It's important to note that throughout the testimony there is mentioning of increased outreach for the Tiered...Read more

PWD EXHIBIT 4 - PWD 2021 RATE CASE Documents Incorporated by Reference

This artifact contains documents incorporated by reference for the Philadelphia Water Rate Case.Read more

PA ADV 1 Attachment B

This artifact is a spreadsheet with data provided by the Philadelphia Water Department as a response to a request made by the Public Advocate’s Advanced Interrogatories And Requests For Production Of Documents.Read more

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