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As Philadelphia works to tackle climate change, a question emerges: Is PGW on board?

With attempts to electrify grids in a sustainable way, many oil and gas furnaces will inevitably be shut down by 2025. The foregoing is a threat for energy supplies for utilities such as PGW, among utilities that opposed updated and thorough building code implementation. The call to transition...Read more

Why the District of Columbia is a leader in energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is becoming an increasing topic of discussion and consideration in city planning and in environmental action. Energy efficiency planning also creates avenues for employment and improvements in health. Modification in buildings' stock is a focus given they account for 1/3 of US...Read more

What COVID Taught Us About Reliable Energy & Healthy Homes

This article provides a very clear and specific overview of the pandemic's impact on communities, especially low-income, communities of color. In this article, writers of the DNRC discuss how, despite assistance specifically set aside for the pandemic, households continued to face evictions and...Read more

30-inch water main break floods South Philadelphia streets

The geyser-like disruption that emerged in Philly on July 25th later at night caused severe damages, upwards of $1 million, considering that is how much one collector lost in art and paintings. The Water Department offered to pump out any water, mud, or other debris in people's basements that...Read more

‘Like an asteroid struck’: Bella Vista residents survey damage after massive water main break

The Monday following the main break on 6th and South Streets, the Water Department did not have an estimate on properties damaged, the cost or timeline of repairs. Interviewing impacted residents WHYY reporters did gather that the damages done were mostly to things of sentimental value. The...Read more

A Lawsuit Challenges the Tennessee Valley Authority’s New Program of ‘Never-Ending’ Contracts

This article talks about the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) locking 142 of 151 utilities into never-ending contracts, with stipulations to back out of their contracts with 20-year notices. This would essentially prevent many utilities from changing their contracts and power sources to...Read more

As Indiana coal plants close, advocates say gas power should not replace them

There's movement to close all coal-powered plants, but environmentalist groups like Sierra Club are also mobilizing resources to halt plans for gas-powered energy plants. CenterPoint Energy, among one of the companies whose coal power plants are being shut down, said their focus will primarily...Read more

Connecticut needs to make big changes in ‘who does what’ in the electric power industry

Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) Chair Gillet said she is not interested in utilities' excuses in not providing reliable service. Eversource has to deal with electricity service and other services it provides, many calling it a monopoly of services. In a 2018 grid-...Read more

Dangerous choice: Swelter in quarantine or risk contagion

This article disscusses how cities may protect vulnerable residents from the risks of extreme heat during the COVID19 pandemic. Read more

As water bills rise, PWSA ramps up efforts to help low-income customers

Water rates have inflated four times faster since 2017. In city’s neighborhoods, 1 in 5 customers spent 10% or more of their income on water. PWSA (Pittsburgh’s local water supplier) has sent shutoff notices to 20% of their nearly 8000 customers who fell behind on their bills. Payment...Read more

Exxon Mobil has been lobbying against parts of Democrats’ big social and climate spending bill

Even though Democrats have called for increased taxes on the fossil fuel industry, fossil fuel giants pushed against the taxes on the grounds it makes the U.S. less competitive. Even the larger public is in favor of taxing the fossil fuel industry but do not know whether it is good to include a...Read more

Hundreds of thousands of utility customers facing shut-offs

This article provides an update on the state of residential utility arrears in New Jersey, where nearly 600,000 customers owe more than $570 million in back payments. Johnson explains that low income workers/households were hit by pandemic costs and losses particularly hard, but that middle...Read more

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