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EPA takes up environmental justice complaint against Philly’s permit for SEPTA power plant in Nicetown

Septa's powerplant is built in a poor, community of color. Part of institutional racism, the plant has contributed to adverse health effects of the residents who live there. Residents have demonstrated countless times to protest the presence of the polluting plant, but to little avail. Septa...Read more

Without action on climate change, heat is projected to become major global killer

This article talks about several studies documenting the impacts we are going to face if we do not address extreme heat now. That said, projections show that, without any measures taken to address extreme heat, climate change will increase annual deaths by heat that are comparable to annual...Read more

Ideas we should steal: Community solar power

This article discuss a community solar project in East Parkside, as well as state policies that are preventing the project from moving forward.Read more

New York adds $52.5 million in community solar incentives for low-income residents

At the same time as the closure of one of the power plants producing net-zero carbon emissions, New York is planning to put aside $52 million to invest in solar energy. This investment, however, is targeted at low-income residents who are usually the ones left behind in energy transition...Read more

Renewables overtake coal, but natural gas still dominates U.S. power generation

Renewable energy is making its way as one of the dominant sources of energy production in the United States. Currently, it accounts for 20% of the U.S.' energy production and is only surpassed by gas-powered energy production, which accounts for 40% of energy production in the nation. Coal...Read more

There Could Be an Energy Bill Debt Tsunami, Too

We're including this article because it discusses the state of household energy bills and the use of pandemic moratoriums. The article discusses differences between when states ended the utility shutoff moratoriums, but also noted that nationally, household consumers did spend more during the...Read more

Could ConEd and PSEG Long Island be replaced?

Public Service Commission of New York is looking to revoke some utilities' licenses to operate. It had only done so once in the past. This comes from the Commission's belief utilities underestimated the storm Isaias and its potential impacts, threatening the lives of many. However, while Cuomo...Read more

Electricity Restoration Nearing Completion In New Jersey Almost Week After Tropical Storm Isaias Tore Through Region

PSE&G reports restoring power to 99.5% of its customers who had lost it because of the storm. However, still without power are Morris, Essex, Salem, and Bergen counties. Questions that arise are: why are these specific counties still left without power? Does it have to do with spatiality,...Read more


This is an ambitious plan of Ghana to declare war on the issue of energy poverty. This plan is to introduce nuclear energy into the country’s energy generation mix. Nuclear Power Ghana has been formed by the government to oversee the realization of this project which is expected to be completed...Read more

Pennsylvania lost a quarter of its clean energy jobs in 2020. Here’s a proposal to bring them back

This article describes two bills, one introducted to PA's senate and the other to PA's house, which would increase the state's renewable energy goal from 8% to 18% by 2026. This would increase the number of solar jobs from .5% to 5.5%. This could create nearly 1.6 billion in economic growth and...Read more

‘Like an asteroid struck’: Bella Vista residents survey damage after massive water main break

The Monday following the main break on 6th and South Streets, the Water Department did not have an estimate on properties damaged, the cost or timeline of repairs. Interviewing impacted residents WHYY reporters did gather that the damages done were mostly to things of sentimental value. The...Read more

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