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Op-ed: We have a final opportunity to respond to climate change. Will we take it?

Transitions call for monetary investments and fuel-use cutbacks to be made. This article calls on fast action to be taken just as fast as measures were taken when the COVID-19 pandemic began. The article also calls for rapid adaptive changes to be made for populations most at risk of negative...Read more

New research will look at heat wave risks during pandemic

This document is part of the NCAR & UCAR Newspage. In this brief description, the author talks about ways in which NCAR and other entities are pooling together funds to conduct research into heat vulnerabilities and its intersections with risks of contracting COVID-19. That said, the brief...Read more

How coronavirus is changing electricity usage, in 3 charts

This news article talks about shifting energy demand during COVID-19, focusing on California, New York, and Italy. Data is taking from electricity grids and shows that there is a reduced overall demand on the grid -- so even with increased usage in households, the amount of energy consumption is...Read more

Social factors could be final barrier to deep US decarbonization, National Academies report finds

This article summarizes the findings of a National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine report on decarbonization. The article (and report) argue that economic inequity may provide major problems for national energy transition. Interestingly, the article did not mention anything...Read more

EPA takes up environmental justice complaint against Philly’s permit for SEPTA power plant in Nicetown

Septa's powerplant is built in a poor, community of color. Part of institutional racism, the plant has contributed to adverse health effects of the residents who live there. Residents have demonstrated countless times to protest the presence of the polluting plant, but to little avail. Septa...Read more


This is an ambitious plan of Ghana to declare war on the issue of energy poverty. This plan is to introduce nuclear energy into the country’s energy generation mix. Nuclear Power Ghana has been formed by the government to oversee the realization of this project which is expected to be completed...Read more

NYC Is More Addicted To Fossil Fuels Than Ever. Now It May Make Solar Harder To Build.

This article discusses ways in which NYC has lost its potential for renewable energy production after their nuclear power plant shut down and the hydro-electric pipeline project was a flop. The city doesn't have the space to invest and create renewable energy plants. However, one option would be...Read more

Dangerous new hot zones are spreading around the world

This artifact provides a detailed and illustrative account of the effects we are witnessing and will continue to witness with the earth's temperature increase. By clicking the link provided in the source box you may have access to the full-featured interactive graphics that show: changes in 5-...Read more

As water bills rise, PWSA ramps up efforts to help low-income customers

Water rates have inflated four times faster since 2017. In city’s neighborhoods, 1 in 5 customers spent 10% or more of their income on water. PWSA (Pittsburgh’s local water supplier) has sent shutoff notices to 20% of their nearly 8000 customers who fell behind on their bills. Payment...Read more

Central Pa. landowners relieved as PUC rejects controversial powerline project: ‘We fought hard’

In yet another decision in favor of utility users in Pennsylvania, the PUC voted against building a new pipeline that would have taken land away from 200 landowners, including farmers and business owners. The article brings forward several discussions that have made their way into discussions of...Read more

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