COVID-19: Our latest updates as Philadelphia responds to COVID-19

This pdf shows the outlined contents of the Philadelphia Water Department's COVID-19 resource page. On this page, you can also find the information they have posted on the Water Rate Case hearings occurring March 16-March 18, 2021.Read more

Unpaid utility bills are soaring in the pandemic. Consumer advocates fear mass shutoffs loom

Energy companies are pressing the PUC to relax their moratorium on shutting off non-paying customers. Unpaid bills amount to $479 billion at the end of June. Utilities also blame the moratoriums for encouraging customers not to enter into agreements, where companies like PECO only had 2% of its...Read more

What COVID Taught Us About Reliable Energy & Healthy Homes

This article provides a very clear and specific overview of the pandemic's impact on communities, especially low-income, communities of color. In this article, writers of the DNRC discuss how, despite assistance specifically set aside for the pandemic, households continued to face evictions and...Read more

Connecticut's moratorium on utility shutoffs ended. Here's where you can still get help.

The article talks about the Connecticut utility moratoria ending this past September 15, which places many households at risk of having their services shut-off. However, Carenza from Thames Valley Council for Community Action (TVCCA) said they've seen a significant increase in applications for...Read more

Utilities disconnect 116,000 Pa. households after state lifts moratorium on pandemic shutoffs

Companies resumed shutoffs in a gradual way once the moratorium lifted. Companies hoped to give customers some leeway to gather funds to pay bills in their entirety or to get on payment plans. However, due to the economic hardships that households continue to experience due to the pandemic, many...Read more

Pa. utilities urge a resumption of shutoffs as pandemic subsides and unpaid bills soar

This article discusses the Pennsylvania PUC’s decision to resume disconnections in more detail. It also references why utilities have been so adamantly insistent on reinstating utility shut offs. According to the utilities, at least as documented...Read more

City of Seattle extends eviction and utility moratorium into January 2022

This article was recently published by the Seattle Pi, detailing an extension the city has placed on eviction moratoria. While the article doesn't specify whether utility moratoria was extended, it does say city officials recommend their constituents call utilities to arrange for...Read more

Nearly 35 million households will lose their utility shutoff protections over the next month

With the onset of the pandemic, many states have put moratoriums in place to avoid families being shutoff in the middle of the crisis. However, even with extensions, many of these moratoriums are set to expire by the end of September, which would leave a little less than 35 million people...Read more

Utility shutoffs threaten a fresh crisis for low-income and Black families as Covid surges again

This article details the situations of the moratorium across different states. The article also talks about several widespread worries: unemployment and the end of subsidies happening soon. Important to consider is the environmental injustice in Georgia, as the state is seeing rise in daily...Read more

A tidal wave of utility shutoffs is coming: 34.5 millionhouseholds will lose shutoff protections in the next month: An impact analysis of changing utility shutoff moratoriums

This report was created by Carbon Switch, an energy efficiency investment company, that collected information on household energy bill accumulation and unemployment rates. Predictions made by the firm estimate a whooping 76 million households will be shut off or will be threatened with shutoffs...Read more

Report: Black households spend almost 50 percent more on utilities than white households

Echoing the topics of discussions in the headlines, this article talks about the impending end of state moratoria. Citing studies like the American Housing Survey, the article discusses disproportionate impacts felt by low-income communities as COVID-19 has compounded their already-precarious...Read more

COVID In Pennsylvania: Commonwealth To Lift Last Moratorium On Utility Shutoffs

As with other articles released this week, CBS3 Philly reports on the Pennsylvania PUC's decision to lift the moratorium on utility disconnections this coming April 1st. The decision follows pressures from utility representatives, who claim there is now federal assistance available to renters to...Read more

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