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Lindon company wants to help prepare residents for potential summer blackouts

NERC has predicted a 1 in 10 chance of Nortwest grids shutting down - i.e. not being able to withstand power peaks to heat and drought. Hamless - a Utah-based company - has created renewable energy storage capacities for families most at risk of losing their power. It is a relatively lowe...Read more

Power Outages Increase as Extreme Weather Inflicts Toll on Aging Grid, Vulnerable Citizens

This article presents the lived experiences of people with disabilities and medical issues who rely on power to live their day to day life. Power outages inherently threaten their livelihood. A combination of increasing prices for energy services and the weaknesses of the grids place them in...Read more

Blackouts Are a Growing Reality for Americans (Revisited) - Inside Climate News

Aging grids are no longer able to keep up with the demand of people in the United States and heat. Couple with surging gas and power supply prices, energy security in the United States is threatened this summer. Generator sales have increased as households are worried about losing their...Read more

Powering Our Health: How the Pandemic Impacted Medically Vulnerable Households in Philadelphia

This white paper looks at the intersecton of medical vulnerability and energy insecurity.Read more

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