Parks are Critical Urban Infrastructure: Perception and Use of Urban Green Spaces in NYC During COVID-19

This article is a pre-publication finding article conducted by scholars to see how important green spaces are to the physical and mental wellbeing for city residents. That said, according to the results cited, the pandemic did not significantly or negatively affect the use of public green spaces...Read more

Can’t get into your PGW account? 94,000 customers have to re-register after online update

PGW switched to a new online accounts system in July, which requires every user to re-register. Some paperless customers expressed frustration on social media, saying they didn’t know anything...Read more

Petrova and Prodromidou - Politics, Austerity, Vulnerability - 2019

This ethnographic work brings forth the pathways of energy consumption and production under regulatory austerity programs, currently governing Greece, as they exist in energy vulnerable environments that tend to generate energy poverty.Read more

Energy cooperatives in Germany – an example of successful alternative economies?

This paper expands on the existing artifacts I've uploaded that promote community renewable energy initiatives (CREs) as ways to subvert traditional power structures and promote greater democratization within the struggle for energy justice by positing new terminology - "alternative economies...Read more

Branigin - Black Communities Frontline COVID19 - 2020

This article comments on the nature of segregation in our cities and how it plays out during the COVID-19 pandemic. The news article cares to note how policies have made it possible for Black and minority communities to be situated in neighborhoods that increase the likelihood of chronic disease...Read more

Williams - Broadcasting Essential COVID19 - 2020

A review of the measures that have been taken in response to COVID-19 and how such responses have contributed to residents searching for news in their local areas. Given the rise in unemployment during this pandemic, the article notes how local broadcasting is becoming more of an interest for...Read more

Sobhani - Infrastructure, Unemployment, and COVID19 - 2020

This opinion piece talks about the potential to keep the United States' economy afloat simply by contracting workers to complete outstanding Federal and State infrastructure projects (including bridges and roads, and energy projects).Read more

Biden administration accelerates plans for a national EV charging network

This article briefly discusses the latest information pertaining to the infrastructure bill to be implemented this coming year. In the money set aside for this infrastructure bill the Biden Administration has also lumped in funds to create national-scale electric vehicle charging stations...Read more

Empowering communities – the role of intermediary organisations in community renewable energy projects in Indonesia

This paper discusses the impact that so-called Community Renewable Energy (CRE) has had in two community areas in Indonesia. Of particular analysis and importance is the intermediary group – in this situation, Ibeka – that plays a direct role in building energy infrastructure in communities....Read more

Jain - COVID19 Impacts Infrastructure - 2020

The article talks about the losses incurred by Phillip Capital in the wake and persistence of the COVID19 outbreak, especially when it comes to construction and infrastructure.Read more

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