Financial assistance

What COVID Taught Us About Reliable Energy & Healthy Homes

This article provides a very clear and specific overview of the pandemic's impact on communities, especially low-income, communities of color. In this article, writers of the DNRC discuss how, despite assistance specifically set aside for the pandemic, households continued to face evictions and...Read more

Expanding the class of the energy insecure

"Austerity measures have produced unevenly distributed socio-spatial vulnerabilities" (Petrova & Prodromidou, 2019:1383).

Thinking about this quote, we can relate austerity measures to...Read more

Making sense of the eviction crisis

This article details the ever-pressing housing crisis that has been exacerbated by the pandemic. That being said, even while specific and targeted assistance was set aside for homeless and transient homeless people, it was limited to only half a million counted homeless people, when in reality...Read more

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