Energy Coordinating Agency

ECA Legal and Community Supports

The imagery here shows is a collection of pamphlets curated by ECA (Energy Coordinating Agency), a non-profit organization serving the Philadelphia region. ECA provides support through weatherization and DIY weatherization programs, heater replacements, and utility bill counseling and assistance...Read more

ECA Newsletter - April 3, 2020

This monthly newsletter was written by executive director Steve Luxton and gave an update on what is happening at ECA during the COVID19 shutdown.Read more

Empowering communities – the role of intermediary organisations in community renewable energy projects in Indonesia

This paper discusses the impact that so-called Community Renewable Energy (CRE) has had in two community areas in Indonesia. Of particular analysis and importance is the intermediary group – in this situation, Ibeka – that plays a direct role in building energy infrastructure in communities....Read more

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