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Recognition of and response to energy poverty in the United States

This source was recently published and is an overview of energy poverty as seen in the United States and compared to the UK.Read more

Energy history

"Energy is conceptualised as something that is abstracted from what people do, and from the histories, cultures and contexts in which energy demand is constituted' (Riniken et al., 2019, 2).
...Read more


What are the underlying causes of energy poverty in Ghana? What are the impacts of energy poverty on the quality of life of Ghanaians especially vulnerable groups? What other renewable and sustainable energy sources can be harnessed in Ghana apart from hydroelectric power? How feasible and...Read more
DVRPC Climate Adaptation Forum Presentation - June 23

This artifact is a presentation held at the Delaware Valley Climate Conference on June 23rd, 2020. The conference specifically focused on the need to move to microgrids, given the inherent vulnerability of the larger and archaic microgrid as existent in the United States. The panelists called...Read more

A policy framework for the right to energy

This pdf is a summary of a podcast series on energy rights. The podcast discusses the ways in which energy poverty, a condition where households are unable to meet their energy needs, negatively affects poor households' health and economic security. The podcast calls for energy reform that...Read more

India's Clean Energy Revolution Needs To Start And End With Rural Consumers

India is shinning globally as reports indicates the country to have promising results in terms of renewable energy market. However, in the midst of all this, one should not forget the core aim of the issue that needs to be solved and the main reason for initiating this forum - to achieve the...Read more

Boiling Point - LA Times

The newsletter here shown is part of several publications on the ways in which heat exacerbates health conditions or leads to their onset. That said, this specific newsletter exemplifies considerations of the way extreme heat can worsen death by heatstroke, and other heat-related deaths, as many...Read more

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