Climate Adaptation

Exxon Mobil has been lobbying against parts of Democrats’ big social and climate spending bill

Even though Democrats have called for increased taxes on the fossil fuel industry, fossil fuel giants pushed against the taxes on the grounds it makes the U.S. less competitive. Even the larger public is in favor of taxing the fossil fuel industry but do not know whether it is good to include a...Read more

Green practices can negate climate emissions on NY farms

New York is planning to mitigate the climate impacts of farms and agriculture in the state. The report calls for mitigations on emissions by 40% by 2030 and by 85% by 2050. There is increased recognition of the need for New York to step up on their climate consciousness and reduce their...Read more

DVRPC Climate Adaptation Forum Presentation - June 23

This artifact is a presentation held at the Delaware Valley Climate Conference on June 23rd, 2020. The conference specifically focused on the need to move to microgrids, given the inherent vulnerability of the larger and archaic microgrid as existent in the United States. The panelists called...Read more

Without action on climate change, heat is projected to become major global killer

This article talks about several studies documenting the impacts we are going to face if we do not address extreme heat now. That said, projections show that, without any measures taken to address extreme heat, climate change will increase annual deaths by heat that are comparable to annual...Read more

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