Bill Assistance

As water bills rise, PWSA ramps up efforts to help low-income customers

Water rates have inflated four times faster since 2017. In city’s neighborhoods, 1 in 5 customers spent 10% or more of their income on water. PWSA (Pittsburgh’s local water supplier) has sent shutoff notices to 20% of their nearly 8000 customers who fell behind on their bills. Payment...Read more

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Utility Bill

This brief article concisely summarizes available options for people and households in need of bill assistance. Prior to providing information on bill assistance, however, this article goes into an all-familiar step-by-step on how to change our household behaviors to reduce energy expenditure....Read more

Washington urges people with overdue utility bills to get help before shutoff moratorium ends Sept. 30

On an opposite scale of what SNAP directors have been asking of Seattle residents, Lucy Preatt of Hopelink, an energy assistance organization, says they have more money than they can think of as a result of COVID-19 assistance. As with SNAP in Seattle, however, they are urging everyone who is...Read more

What COVID Taught Us About Reliable Energy & Healthy Homes

This article provides a very clear and specific overview of the pandemic's impact on communities, especially low-income, communities of color. In this article, writers of the DNRC discuss how, despite assistance specifically set aside for the pandemic, households continued to face evictions and...Read more

As End of Utility Shutoff Moratorium Nears, SNAP Fears Rush of Requests for Assistance

SNAP directors are urging those in crisis to apply right away whilst asking those who can cope to wait a little longer before applying. The question here is: is it ethical to ask anyone who needs help (regardless of critical or non-critical status) to wait to apply? Shouldn't it be the...Read more

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