Switch from Thursday maintenance to Sundays: Chakan industries to MSEDCL

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May 8, 2020 - 6:15pm

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This news article throws light on the power outages impacting the industrial and commercial settings in India. With frequent outages, the manufacturing units located on the Chakan-Talegaon Road find it difficult to run their business. 

Apart from production loss severely hurting the business, there is another increased amount of money spent by these industries on running diesel generators for one full day each week to make up for the power outages every Thrusday. Due to this power failiure, close to 3500 industrial consumers at the Chakan area do not receieve power supply which has forced large vehicle makers to desperately search for alternatives. These companies are also spending 30% extra on their electricity bills to make up for production loss. This is a loss for the company as well as their consumption of the generator power greatly increases the energy vulnerability crisis. A report of these industries showed that in April of 2016, there were around 26 breakdowns and these power outages lasted for nearly 24 hours. 


Bende,A.(2019, October). Switch from Thursday maintenance to Sundays: Chakan industries to MSEDCL. Pune Mirror




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