Coalition for Black Trans Liberation Utilities Fund Graphic





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November 24, 2020 - 4:07pm

Critical Commentary

On November 21st 2020, the Coalition for Black Trans Liberation (CBTL) posted the following graphic on their instagram page in order to crowdsource funds to help pay utility bills for Black LGBTQ+ Philadelphians. This instagram page (handle: @blacklgbtqreparations), helps give reparations to Black LGBTQ+ people in Philadelphia, by posting graphics in an effort to raise funds, either for a specific amount to meet a specific need (e.g. raising money to help an individual pay rent) which is sent directly to that person in need, or for one of their ongoing funds (e.g. utility funds, transportation funds) which are sent to the group's organizers and are then distributed as needed to individuals who reach out for assistance. This form of mutual aid (requests for funds that are uploaded and disseminated on social media platforms) have become widespread, and have become especially prevalent as a result of COVID-19 as meeting basic needs becomes more difficult for vulnerable populations, and as time spent on social media increases. 

It may be of interest for the ERP research team to connect with CBTL and inquire about their utility fund, the network that they distribute funds to, and the need that individuals are requesting at this time. 



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