Briana Leone - September 2021 Media Brief Reflection


The articles I selected for this media brief issue represent articles that touch on themes I am particularly interested in: renewable energy projects, climate action, and climate change. As extreme events become more frequent and more devastating, I continue to seek out discussions of political actions that are taken to halt the worst of the worst. The three articles I present this month show the positive advances we make with renewable energy (such as being able to power 50k homes with a wind farm), as well as more bleak truths of the energy market’s governance. The other two articles I found for this month discuss ways in which fossil fuel representatives continue to lobby against climate action and the dwindling opportunities we have to fight off climate change. These are particularly relevant to a) my own interests, and b) to the very uncertain times we are living at the moment.  

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January 13, 2022 - 12:41pm

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This text is for the September 2021 Media brief reflection.

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