Morgan Sarao Annotations

What ideas about fakes/scams do you think relate to the AES case?

Saturday, February 25, 2023 - 10:48am

"Preoccupation with defrauding and faking is not new. Rather, there is a new anxiety about the increasing difficulty of identifying trustworthy, genuine interactions" --> Because vulnerable communities have been subject to unjust treatment historically by actors in power, skepticism and distrust of AES  is a response to this historic treatment. This, coupled with experiences of neighbors and families that have been misinformed about the product that they are signing up for through AES', perpetuates this anxeity of identifying trustworthy and genuine interactions, which has the potential to deter communities from engaging with renewable energy systems moving forward.

"which portrays trust as emerging out of transparent procedures" --> Procedures for identifying communities and the development of marketing strategies employed by AES are unclear, but assumed to be profit motivated and least concerned with impacts on LMI consumers. Trust could begin to built if there were resources available that explain what these procedures are.

"At the same time, it is questionable whether their interactions are insightful because they are, as Ogino puts it, ‘not bound by conventional morality’. Fraudsters depend on convincingly performing this ‘conventional morality’ and (partially) acting according to it. Their performance of ‘conventional morality’ merits closer investigation because it provides social scientists with a unique vantage point to learn about establishing and maintaining trust relations or performing roles." --> Is role performance something that sales persons at AES' are trained for in their position (in all sales positions)? Sales persons at AES' are given a product to sell, and it's likely that some know more about the product and how it relates to and impacts vulernable households more than others. If a sales person is knowing of how it can negatively impact a vulnerable household, then role performance of conventional morality is at play. Alternatively in other situations I'm sure there is ignorance both of these impacts on a vulnerable household and also of a household's economic and social postioning so that role performance of conventional morality isn't at play.

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